Victor Skidanenko and Margaret Green started playing bluegrass music together in 2005. 

Victor has played in many bands during his musical career.  He previously played in Pacific Ocean Bluegrass (banjo), and The Del Williams Band (mandolin),  Rock Ridge (banjo, guitar, mandolin, and vocals), Jenny Lynn and her Real Gone Daddies (guitar, vocals), The Big Moments (guitar and vocals), and Flash Crash and Thunder (guitar and vocals).  He now performs in The Central Valley Boys (banjo, vocals), The Thundering Heard (banjo and vocals) and The True Life Troubadours (mandolin and vocals).
 Apart from his bands, he has also performed with many musicians such as David Thom, Jim Nunally, Keith Little, and the Tuttles.  Victor  nominated six years running as a contender for the NCBS Banjo player of the year award, and for 2012, had nominations for both banjo and mandolin.  He is now a professional music instructor, teaching guitar, banjo, mandolin, and vocals in San Jose and Palo Alto.   

Margaret  previously played violin in the Allodola Violin Duet, and the De Anza Orchestra, the Palo Alto Philharmonic, The Montara Duet, and the San Francisco State University Orchestra.  Margaret previously played fiddle in the Green Willow Girls, and the Four Finger Stringband, and guitar and fiddle in Vic S and the Big Moments, as well as Flash Crash and Thunder.  She now plays fiddle in The Thundering Heard and The True Life Troubadours, as well as performing in Bluegrass Duets.   She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance in May 2011.  She is a professional music teacher and teaches fiddle and violin in Palo Alto.

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