About Us

We have two performance styles, which are as a bluegrass duet or as a country duet. 

As a bluegrass duet, we perform on fiddle and either banjo, mandolin or guitar.  We can provide either all instrumental music or singing pieces, or a mixture of both.  We can perform acoustically or with amplification. 

As a country duet, we perform as a guitar and vocal duo, and play classic country and rockabilly music with electric guitar.  We cannot perform country acoustically or without vocals.

We can perform either bluegrass or country, or a mixture of both types of music at your event.

We will work with you to provide music which fits the atmosphere of your event with regards to volume, speed, mood and selection- we offer unlimited phone and email consultation.  We will play events of all kinds, including, but not limited to weddings (reception, cocktail hour or both), parties, dances, barbecues, dinners, corporate events, and memorial services.  We take requests for standard bluegrass pieces

We have a youtube channel featuring some of our music here